Five years after being launched,
M&M:HK is closed permanently as of September 1 2014


Hello everyone,

The M&M:HK servers can no longer be accessed. We'd like to thank all the players that took part in the PvP and PvE experiences on over 500 open worlds. Hundreds of Grails were built, several billion units were beaten, thousands of messages were exchanged on the forums, more than 80 people worked on the development of the game, and above all 600,000 enthusiastic, dedicated players registered to play. It was a real pleasure to have you with us!

You have our deepest thanks for being there and supporting us over all these years. You really are a unique, hardworking community, and we're honored to have spent time with you on M&M:HK.


Fortunately, Might & Magic is still a thriving and flourishing saga with wonderful tales to be told and epic adventures to be lived:


Let's hope we meet again soon on a new game!


The M&M:HK team